[TF-TSC] [TF-A] Project Maintenance Proposal for tf.org Projects

Sandrine Bailleux sandrine.bailleux at arm.com
Wed Apr 15 15:05:44 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Thanks to all who have commented on this proposal so far. I've edited 
the original document to try and incorporate all feedback gathered so 
far (through the TSC meeting, this email thread and the TF-A tech call).

Please have another look and flag anything I might have missed:


The major changes are:

== Removed concept of self-review ==
This is proving too controversial, several people do not want to allow 

Roles of maintainer and code owner are still cumulative but cannot be 
both exercised for the same patch.

The exact method of dealing with review bottleneck is still to be 
decided. In addition to the current proposal of increasing the 
maintainers pool, the most popular alternatives mentioned so far are:

  - Set a minimum wait time for feedback before a patch can be merged 
without any further delay.

  - Mandate distinct reviewers for a patch.

== Enhanced the section "Patch contribution Guidelines" ==
Mentioned that patches should be small, on-topic, with comprehensive 
commit messages.

== Added a note about how to deal with disagreement ==
If reviewers cannot find a common ground, the proposal is to call out a 
3rd-party maintainer.

== Removed "out-of-date" platform state ==
Squashed it into "limited support" to reduce the number of states.

== Removed "orphan" state from platform support life cycle ==
This concept is orthogonal to the level of functionality.
Added a note in the "Code Owner" section instead.

== Per-project guidelines as a complementary document ==
Added a list of things that it would typically cover.

== Added requirement on fully supported platforms to document the 
features they support ==

== Added todo mentioning that the proposal might cover branching 
strategies in the future ==

The full diff may be seen here:


This proposal is still open for discussion at this stage and further 
feedback is most welcome!


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