[TF-TSC] [TF-A] [TF-M] Project Maintenance Proposal for tf.org Projects

Sandrine Bailleux sandrine.bailleux at arm.com
Tue Apr 7 13:04:13 UTC 2020

Hi Joakim,

On 4/2/20 10:18 AM, Joakim Bech via TF-A wrote:
> Hi Sandrine,
> On Wed, Apr 01, 2020 at 11:46:20AM +0200, Sandrine Bailleux wrote:
>> Hi Joakim,
>> On 4/1/20 10:08 AM, Joakim Bech via TSC wrote:
>>> How that works in practice is that all OP-TEE maintainers are adding
>>> their "Tested-by" (see example [2]) tag for the platform they maintain
>>> when we're doing a release. If there are platforms with no "Tested-by"
>>> tag, then they simply end up with the "last known version".
>> I think that's a very good idea!
> The "Tested-by" part for OP-TEE releases has been working pretty good,
> not sure how scalable it is the long run though. To give some more
> info regarding the "last known version", we even at one point had some
> stop-light for that. I.e. if a maintainer missed testing a release once,
> then it became "orange". If missed twice, then it became "red" and we
> showed last know supported version. But we dropped that idea a short
> while after introducing it.

May I know why you dropped the idea? Was it too much maintenance? If 
that's the reason I guess again this could be addressed with some 
automation work (generating the stop-light status from the commit 
message info).

>>> However, to keep that up-to-date, it requires some discipline from the
>>> people maintaining such a table ... something that we in the OP-TEE
>>> project haven't been very good at :)
>> Can't this be automated, such that it doesn't need to be manually kept
>> up-to-date? I imagine we could have some tools generating the platform
>> support table out of such a commit message.
> Indeed it could, it's just a matter of doing some scripting if one
> doesn't want to do it manually. I already have Python scripts pulling
> all tags from GitHub pull requests. But there are of course several
> other ways how one could pull that kind of information.


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