[TF-TSC] [TF-A] [TF-M] Project Maintenance Proposal for tf.org Projects

Sandrine Bailleux sandrine.bailleux at arm.com
Wed Apr 1 09:34:50 UTC 2020

Hi Andrej,

On 4/1/20 10:55 AM, Andrej Butok wrote:
> Hi Sandrine,
> The motivation is the same for the both cases - no motivation ;)

My hope with this proposal would be to turn the motivation problem into 
a responsibility problem. Perhaps today the expectations are too 
implicit and this leads to people having to volunteer, which is based on 
good willing and self-motivation?

If we set clear expectations about the responsibilities of code owners 
and maintainers, if we set clear timelines for people to review and 
approve patches in a certain amount of time, then I am hoping we will 
see less situations where patches don't get enough attention. I think we 
have to make developers responsible and if they are not fulfilling the 
expectations anymore (because they no longer have enough motivation or 
bandwidth or whatever) then their role within the project (code 
owner/maintainer) ought to be revised.

Does that sound reasonable?

> That is why I prefer for my own supported area, if it does not touch a foreign code, to be able to do a self-review and to merge it  to the main-line. In addition, I may request somebody to do the post-commit review, but it does not create any obstacles to continue the development, it can be useful for the following improvement discussion/suggestions or proposals.
> OR as a compromise, should be added a possibility to set a review deadline after which it's automatically marked as approved.

I like your last suggestion. And that echoes to others' suggestions 
(Christian Daudt, Joakim Bech).


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