[TF-TSC] Trusted Firmware TSC 11th July Minutes

Bill Fletcher bill.fletcher at linaro.org
Mon Jul 15 07:06:54 UTC 2019


AbhishekP - Arm
DanH - Arm
DavidB - Linaro
MarkG - TI
ChristianD - Cypress
JuliusW - Google
LionelD - ST
BillF - Linaro Community Projects


Pending action items
Round table


Pending actions:
Bill to find out about cost of internal Sphinx hosting
Gerrit hooks topic was clarified separately

BF: Cost of Sphinx hosting will be more than readthedocs ad-free but
certainly possible
AP: Proposal to go ahead with readthedocs hosting for now and add a link
from the website
No objections in the call.
BF: Will also re-look at Sphinx with TF-A CI ongoing work.

CD: Top 2 Engineering topics would be a good input to the agenda - bring it
into the forum - ongoing ‘topic du jour’.
DH: Is it for knowledge sharing? Not sure TSC is for design review.
CD: Bit of both. Information input and where people raise
flags/concerns.Might not be discussed here but could be separate meetings.
DH: Design reviews should be happening in a public design list.
AP: Are only few open design discussions
DH: Bigger problem in TF-A than TF-M
AP: In TF-M there are some discussions happening on the mailing list

AP: Do you think some of the partner engineers would join design review
CD: Yes - hence kick off to a separate call from the TSC discussion

BF: Topic for next meeting could be OP-TEE since the vote has been passed
by the Board.  Need to make sure Joakim could make it.

DB: Getting close to TF-M bootloader upstreaming
JW: Should we pro-actively cancel if we don’t have items
BF: Will mail the day before to give the option to cancel in future

LD: Open Source Firmware - sponsoring that event. Any plans?
DH: Matteo has had a session accepted
BF: Also we will have a table and some promotion material

AP: Next meeting proposed to be 8th August


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