[TF-TSC] TSC Agenda 11 Jul 2019

Dan Handley Dan.Handley at arm.com
Wed Jul 10 16:42:20 UTC 2019

Hi Joakim

Firstly, the meeting is tomorrow, not today - I'm not sure if that changes your attendance?!

I agree the SDL could be an interesting topic, however if we discuss this tomorrow, the Arm attendees would only be expressing personal opinions as we haven't yet had time to discuss this properly within Arm.

I haven't seen a deadline for my disclosure policy either but I just proposed one in my other mail. We can discuss more tomorrow.

I guess we can check if anyone has anything TSC level to say about OP-TEE, though I can't think of anything specific myself.



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Hi Abhishek,

I'm unable to attend today's meeting, but Tim Benton talked to Linaro about SDL (Security Development Lifecycle). That could be an interesting topic to discuss at some point. I.e., figure out if and how that would work with TF project(s). I think we also aimed for having a deadline for reviewing Dan's disclosure policy, however I cannot recall that I've actually seen such a deadline, did I miss it? Third thing, the board voted yes for transferring OP-TEE to TF. In board context I already have pending actions. But there might be something to discuss on TSC level also related to that.

But, as said, I'm unable to attend today, so I leave it up to you whether you'd like to discuss any of my suggestions here.


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Hi All,

Any agenda items for the next TSC meeting?

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