Linaro OP-TEE Contributions meeting April 2021

Joakim Bech joakim.bech at
Mon Apr 19 12:29:59 UTC 2021


LOC monthly meeting is planned to take place Thursday April 29th at 17.00

First, note that we have pushed the meeting forward one hour. If you
subscribe to the meeting via the TrustedFirmware calendar, then your invite
hopefully should've been updated (it could be worth cross checking).

This month we will have Achin Gupta from Arm giving us an update regarding
the evolution of FF-A and how that could work together with virtualization.

Usually there is some time left over for other discussions. So if you
have anything you'd like to talk about, then please let me know by replying
to this email thread. Related to that, Linaro arranged an "OP-TEE readiness
for safety" workshop last week. We're looking at all kinds of things
related to that right now. But this is also something that we could touch
in the LOC meeting. How would that affect upstream work? What code changes
could we expect etc? Any expertise out there who would be interested in

OP-TEE 3.13.0 is planned to be released 2012-04-30, so in case you have any
questions related to that, then the LOC meeting would be a good opportunity
to ask.

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Date/time: Thursday April 29th at 17.00 (UTC+2)
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Joakim on behalf of the Linaro OP-TEE team

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