PSA OP-TEE development

Miklos Balint Miklos.Balint at
Tue Jul 28 15:07:05 UTC 2020


In parallel with - and based on - the work by Jens to enable PSA FF-A as a transport for the SMC ABI (recently merged to the upstream as PR #3908) there's an effort to provide a fully-functional SPMC component in OP-TEE to manage S-EL0 Secure Partitions, with the goal of providing a similar set of PSA Root of Trust services over OP-TEE as presently supported for M-profile processors, while also providing a standard execution framework and ABI for potential integration of 3rd party partitions, such as StMM.
Please note that this work is currently at the prototyping stage and is managed as a fork on, but is planned to be merged with the official OP-TEE stream as it matures.

There's an initial set of patches on review to provide

  *   A library for S-EL0 SPs to access FF-A ABI at the SVC call interface:
  *   A change to introduce an SP build system to OP-TEE:
  *   OP-TEE kernel changes to support initialization and context management of SPs and the forwarding of FF-A messages to their designated endpoints:

All related open reviews at the moment can be found here:

For the S-EL1 SPMC configuration functionality and requirements see the PSA FF-A specification (

Work is in progress to showcase the capabilities of the framework using a subset of PSA Crypto API and also to propose a standardized protocol layer for partitions, but as mentioned work is still at the early stages so expect gradual increments in functionality and flexibility.
Any questions and feedback are very welcome


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