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Yes that’s what I have suspected in the first place, but no harm asking :)


Tien Fong,

As per discussed, we could probably expose the a compile time option in BL31 that expose a command that read/write to the secure domain.

That case, u-boot shell will be able to access secure domain and not need to run in EL3.

Would you allow an OS to access underlying hypervisor ? 
In essence this is what you are asking:
there are architectural services such as kicking off a new cpu that are supposed to be routed to the right service handler (PSCI) or secure firmware updates with anti-bricking support.... 

Could you be more specific on what you want to do and why ?
 That may help us advise on achieving your goals while still being architecturally correct.




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Hi Achin,


Thanks for the feedback.


This is use case when user doing development, testing and bring up the board, they can use this option to run their script on U-Boot shell to access these secure region. Once they have finished the development, and testing, then user can switch U-Boot into EL2. This flexibility would definitely giving some degree of convenience for development and testing.




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Hi Tien Hock,


The maintainers will have more thoughts on this but my $0.02 fwiw.


I cannot see why the Trusted Firmware project should carry any option that enables use of EL3 by users who do not care about security. EL3 is not meant to run u-boot with a shell that can be used to fiddle with secure memory. This flies against the basic security principles that the project is built upon.




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Subject: [TF-A] Run BL33 (u-boot) in EL3




I’m maintaining TF-A for Intel SoCFPGA platform.

Would it be possible if we should have the option to run BL33 (u-boot in our case) in EL3?


The Intel SoCFPGA platform u-boot used to handle all SMC calls:

SPL u-boot (EL3) -> u-boot (EL3)

And we have since move to use TF-A’s BL31, thus boot became
SPL u-boot (EL3) -> TF-A BL31 (EL3) -> u-boot (EL2)


Main reason is that some users would like to keep u-boot at EL3 as they do not care about security, and some users wanted to run some debugging read/write to secure region in u-boot shell.



Tien Hock


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