GIC600-AE is variant of GIC for safety critical machines, though its TRM is publicly available from quite some time but currently we do not have support in TF-A.

Purpose of this email is to kick start discussions around various possible GIC requirements as far as safety critical machines are concerned.
We have created following list of requirements based on inputs we got so far, changes are either adding new AE features or enhancements to existing drivers.

GIC-600AE feature requirement:
- Inject and detect RAS errors using Fault management unit(FMU)
- Validating feature parity with GIC600
- Running GIC IP in Dual core Lock-step(DCLS) mode.

GIC/RAS driver enhancements:
- Read trace and PMU records
- Keep RAS error records alive across a reset
- Disable GICR frames of fused-off cores
- Support for message signalled interrupts
- Saving/Restoring additional GIC registers during PM events

Feel free to add any additional requirements.

If there is enough community interest during the next Tech-forum meeting(28th Jan) we would like to go through these requirements in more detail.