Varun, Okash, I believe the two of you have some interest in the LTS topic. Would the two of you be willing to jointly prepare and present a TF-A Tech forum session? The next available session is Thursday 16th June at 4pm BST.


Iím sure there are many definitions of what a LTS release branch is in terms of purpose, content, duration etc. I would expect many platform providers are doing this downstream today and I could imagine there may be variations. Some degree of consensus on how this is managed and resourced would be needed I believe between multiple platform providers who would want to consume this.


It would be good to see issues raised for discussion.  


Iím happy to host if the two of you and any other platform providers interested can prepare a TF-A session to present to the broader TF-A community.








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Hi Matteo/Okash,

Thanks for re-starting the discussion. We (NVIDIA) are still interested in the idea and would like to discuss the next steps. I like the idea of a hotfix release, although would propose back-porting fixes to more tags.

A targeted tech forum or another mechanism works for me. I would like to discuss the scope of the activity and the engagement model.


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Hi Okash,

Thanks for rebooting the conversation.

Out of the brainstorming from 1.5 yrs ago, we had this page published with an initial RFC proposal for LTSs:;;sdata=E5UNNcJ2BQgerENXZhCmglXZuSDdFV3LpbYyRT7i8T0%3D&amp;reserved=0

Worth mentioning that, in the meanwhile, the TF-M project has introduced the concept of Hotfix releases (which is a very lightweight process for backporting critical bug fix/security fixes only to the last available tagged release):;;sdata=2Vi7%2BTlnOkUikJqXsn3wxUXlZdFs%2B9SmjcaCTpeAjuc%3D&amp;reserved=0

I'm curious to hear others' opinion and interest (@Varun, @Raghu ?) to possibly revive this topic in either in a Tech Forum or at a project TSC/Board level.


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